Social Media Campaigns and Contests

Easily launch engaging social campaigns to social, mobile and your website…Without involving a Web Programmer or your IT Department! We’ve made it easy to administer your contests, sweepstakes, competitions and many other types of Social Campaigns. We’ve thought of everything, so you

can spend more time engaging instead of spending time & money!


Make it easy for customers to submit testimonials. Even reward them with a Testimonial Campaign.


We've made it easy to administer sweeping sweepstakes, including Analytics and Integrations with other third party apps, like AutoResponders.


Create a giveaway campaign like a boss! Collect Leads in your sleep!

Viral Competitions

Encourage fans, followers, clients and prospects to interact with your brand and social media. Build viral followings by rewarding click and signup activity!

Referral Campaigns

Incentivize your clients and followers to refer your company. Build your social media organically.

Video Contests

Video and Photo Contests are HOT! Encourages high levels of engagement with your brand.

Photo Contests

We'll say it again: Photo and Video Contests are HOT! Encourages high levels of engagement with your brand.

Essay Contests

Get your followers, fans or clients to create some content for your brand. What better content than content directly from your audience!

Video Sharing

Create campaigns to get views to your videos faster! Incentivize viewers to watch to the end!

Photo Sharing

Get image/photo content from your clients and prospects. Show your brand in use and "out there"!

Sign-Up Landing Pages

Create awesome Landing Pages to capture those leads / subscriptions.

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy can drive bottom line ROI and boost brand awareness.

Customer Stories

Enable and even Incentivize the sharing of your Customer's Stories.

Pro Tips

Have multiple pages containing similar products?

Use our Display Groups to display user-generated content across multiple widgets automatically.

Need advanced analytics?

Track the outcomes of your campaigns with ease. At-a-glance, know which campaign types, content and users are delivering killer results. TRACK referral revenue, referred site visits and more for each campaign, submission and user REPORT on which content is generating the most revenue, leads and referrals IDENTIFY your brand advocates by monitoring referral & engagement activity on all devices.

Need Automation or an Auto-Responder?

We have over 16 major integrations available to get your data automatically where you need it, or to interface and automate via Zapier (and other) integrations, plus other easy-to-implement integrations like Mailchimp, Salesforce, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and more.