Custom Social Share Buttons

Our Custom Social Share Buttons allow you to share content, not just pages! Add a default comment, share preview, custom buttons (or use ours!), coupon link and more!

Identify your influencers

Gain easy-to-access insight into top advocates AND share button revenue

Track Share Button Revenue

SociCampaigner is the only platform that tracks Share Button Revenue for each Share Button

Share Content,not just pages

Shared videos play in the news feed. Add short urls to your white paper footers. Share each piece of content on a page.

Keep visitors on your page

Your current share buttons send visitors away from your site, to other social network pages. SociCampaigner Share Buttons keep them on your site!

Pro Tips

Keep your Social Sharers on your page

Keep visitors on your pages with SociCampaigner's share buttons. The entire experience is on-page!

Simplified Sharing for your users

Type one message & share it to all social networks